Automate and Simplify Task Syncing

CalendarSplice automates the syncing of Tasks from HubSpot to Google and Outlook Calendar

We’ve Got You Covered

Organizing Your Business

All in one place, on your calendar, to fit your life and your workflow.


Reliable, Timely, Two-way Syncing

From HubSpot or from your calendar, your task updates will be in transit in minutes

Every Sync Traceable at a Glance

Never wonder if a sync happened for you or a team member. 

What is CalendarSplice?

As a business owner, your schedule is your business.

Sure, HubSpot helps manage your day to day workflow, holding a never ending list of things for you do. But it’s your calendar that determines the direction of your business. However, checking all your different scheduling systems many times a day has been a big drain on your time, and your focus.

But what if it was all in one place? What if you could view everything you need to do at a glance, organized in a logical way that fits your life, and your workflow?

CalendarSplice does just that for businesses and busy entrepreneurs.

Connect and Let Us Do the Rest

Easily connecting your existing HubSpot account to the calendars you already use, you save time that you can put right back into making your small business thrive.

Don’t Sweat the Sync Stuff

Never wonder if a task was synced for anyone on your team. With reliability as our aim, Sync Audits provide an easy way to answer many of those questions about “why” or “when” a sync may have happened.

Ready give your business one less thing to worry about?